Spicy Chicken Pops

Hi Everyone. Today I tried a very delicious non-vegetarian dish. Any guesses, its spicy chicken fries, my all time favorite. So I thought of sharing it with all you foodie guys out there. Here it is,

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15 pieces of Chicken

1tsp Ginger and Garlic paste

1tsp Red Chillie  Powder

1tsp Green Coriander Paste

1/4tsp Turmeric Power

4tsps Lemon Juice

1tsp Corn Flour

Salt to taste


Mix all the spices and make a paste using the lemon juice and salt. Apply the mixture to the chicken pieces and set it aside for half an hour. Add the corn flour to the chicken and mix well.  Heat oil in a pan. Now deep fry the chicken pieces until golden brown and crisp. Serve the chicken pops with red onion slices or with red chutney. TASTE it and you would ask for more.