Perfection! Is it necessary?

This blog post is part of the weekly writing challenge over at The Daily Post.


What would a profession be that does not make you perfect? Perfection has found a top place in all the jobs that you can think of. Think of the culinary world, where everything has to be perfect right from taste to presentation. A perfect taste with perfect presentation of the food scores 10 on 10.


Chefs works hard to achieve customer satisfaction and    give each one their taste of life. The passion for cooking and inventing new tastes is a key for a successful career as a chief. And working in team adds new ideas to invent taste and presentation like never before. Try to memorize the last time you ate a delicious food and you felt like appreciating the chef for his work, and the first thing you remember is the place where you had it. This taste becomes the trademark of the place and every time you think of eating out you give priority to that place. That is the outcome of the perfect taste and if this taste comes with proper presentation and  service, then you have achieved your goal.

In my view cooking is an art that requires persistence and the knowledge of all the flavors and above all the creative thought process to achieve a vision of perfect taste.