Starting Afresh – With Chocolate Delight

Welcome back guys, it’s been ages I have left a note here. I have been busy all this while sharpening my writing skill to reach you all lovelies with more dedication.

Why not make a comeback with chocolates, there could be nothing so very interesting.

I got an opportunity to attend a chocolate art seminar cum demo session last weekend and need to mention that, I discovered my passion for chocolates that urged me pen down those moments. This was my first time attending any culinary seminar.

The chocolate art session was delivered by Arti Nagvekar, Manager at Arti’san Foods and Archana Nagvekar, Creative Head, Arti’san Foods. The demo composed of basic introduction to chocolates, their types and flavors and the art of chocolate making.

Chocolate Making

In ancient times, chocolate was consumed as a beverage, and the Maya’s and the Aztec’s were the ones to process the raw chocolate, making it edible. It is originally bitter in taste and has undergone various refining and processing through the ages to be what it is today.

The unsweetened chocolate is the purest form chocolate and is called the ‘Fine Chocolate’ or ‘Baking Chocolate’ or even ‘Couverture’. Milk chocolate is the sweet chocolate and it mainly consists of condensed milk and dry cocoa solids. The semi-sweet chocolate with low sugar level is termed as ‘Dark Chocolate’ while the ‘White Chocolate’ is not a part of the chocolate family as it has no cocoa solids.

Coming next is the chocolate art. Chocolate making needs fine skills and creativity, to meet the growing demand of the customized chocolates in various occasions and festivities. We Indians love to celebrate our festivals and occasions, in a way, making it a memorable one with the mouth-watering handmade chocolates. Creating tastiest chocolates and carving each into a masterpiece while holding high customer satisfaction is a big challenge to the chocolate industry. This was something that was demonstrated by the Arti’sans.

Different Variety Of Chocolates

The demo consisted of making chili flavored, coffee flavored rice crispy, center filled jam, dry fruit chocolates, chocolate dipped biscuits and chocolate dipped coconut morsels.

Variety Of Flavored Chocolates

Talking about the taste, I should say, chocolate when blended precisely with the flavors create a soulful taste, and with each piece of chocolate melting into your mouth, you ask for more. The center filled jam chocolate was the best for me.

This was the beginning to my culinary journey and the experience was exquisite. Hope to bring you more soon!!!